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We are ahead of what must people be seen as inevitable legislative in renewable energy

We understand the need to educate and inform the public in the advantages of using clean energy for our daily gain. Our growing national network provides us an informed consultation in respect to simple and effective solutions with solar energy in access to Smart-batteries -tech/EV charger-tech / e-mobility- tech/ Grid-Share-tech / Solar-roof-top/Energy-Storage-tech for better clean energy power supplying/ And we know that It’s through our cooperative vision that make us the gate way to renewable-tech in African.

We are affiliated to BEE Certified.

Our Team

Are multi-national cooperative engineering ideas with automotive installation #IOT initiative design because we believe at creativity that can impact every once life, our joint cooperative is interesting in supporting future of transportation and renewable energy

Our Vision

Our vision of cooperative network is to educate and provide a better approach in building / developing and better installment value in smart renewable modules in productivity by consulting our customer- installation-line for  all your renewable project with our terms of  (EPC)services is to reduce cap in energy poverty here in African with  better solutions designed.

We are passionate in excellence through solar financial scheme that will impact our services; we are in the renewable industry to make a positive remark. We are quite optimistic that our values and quality of service that we will tender to public will make a big diffidence in our business to enviable heights and also help us attract the number of clients that will make the business highly profitable. We are a company that will be dedicated to establishing the best practices and standard as it related to the global energy industry


Our mission is to develop a highly successful and profitable long-term commitment to educate the public regarding energy storage and Electric Vehicle charging installations around our cities and we promise to deliver a better charging solution with energy storage systems that will meet once requirements or demand at home at work or through public use. We ask for authorize access to the renewable energy-Scheme in order to assist in reduce of carbon emissions, Lets tackle air pollution in Africa with subscription to our services

We are part of the solution that's negotiate smart renewable building initiate that is affordable in low cost housing smart cities renewable energy pay as you go storage systems with basic electrify environmental modernizer infrastructure management in building a sustain cities targeting to create communities smart cities infrastructure like Ev post service connecting to mini grid power access in creating a positive economic growth in living informed lifestyle for better development enactment adopting smart  environment  innovative productivity approach in networking digital marketing installment and maintenance supporting urbanization  in building Eco-friendly environmental project acknowledgement flows standard within the governance communities providing them with high-quality services for  public requirements venturing in renewable tech influence



Electric Vehicles and energy storage are good in reducing high cost through the price of fuel/diesel  or electricity bills, solar energy benefits are kind, and maintains are less to service

We must continue in making our services easier to operate and easier to understand so that you can have affordable and available energy access supplying anywhere you are through our cooperative EV & Energy Mobile-Apps 

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