Financial Projections


Invest In Renewable Energy

People can invest in building a public EV charging station with our method of supplying solar modules on terms of (EPC) service in creating a back-up system for alternative emergency power outage with our energy storage smart meters subscription in buildings apartments for Private and Commercial use

Property owner/ landlords / investors /governmental department /real estate management / transportation businesses/ farmers/community unions we are calling them to invest in our EV charging station infrastructure scheme and renewable energy storage systems we capture the sun’s energy and save it for when you need it with time people will discover the benefits of why we choice to invest in EV public charging station

Service initiative  

We access renewable energy supplying to public & private use 
Using solar energy will require network plans/Commercial Plan/Fleet Plan or Multi-Family-/ multi-communities usage plans
Home /Commercial service, Industry/Business service we will create a better ideals that will suite the design 
We need to plan All-Project for a better purpose of generating stayed smart electricity 
The bigger is the system the better the systems works

Join us in this cooperative initiative management in discover latest development researching from leading experts in smart renewable projection to achieve social equity growth  for all, let we all have a voice in urbanizing our environment 

Product Line

Energy-storage/Solar-rooftop/S-W-H/Led-lights-decor/All-EV-chargers/wireless-energy/Mobility-tech/Solar-modules/solar-panels/Smart-grid/ future of energy/ Tidal Energy/  etc 

Example of our EV Charger Infrastructure Investment

Let create 40 EV Chargers pumps that can make a profit of R200 per a day for each / R200 * 40 pics of EV chargers = R8000 * 30 day = $240000 * 360 days that make one year = R86400000 per annually profit-net for our investors

One Year Investment of 40 pics EV Chargers: R86400000   Revenue Projection Example

Payment Options

    Payment via bank transfer
    Payment online APP
    Payment via credit cards
    Payment via online bank transfer
    Payment via mobile money transfer

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