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So how it works from the central system controls all EV charging posts service. Are switched on/off, or if any parameters are changed, the points transmit information to the center. A EV-driver or a EV-Owner can send a signal to the center through our cooperative mobile app that we will provide to activate one of the EV charging stations post service at the ranks or for any available EV parking space to enable is vehicle to be charger or Bus-EV vehicles that needed to be charged, the central system will transmits the user commands from our cooperative mobile App to the available charging post for plug-in services and you can subscript to our energy network for electricity supplying 


By Installation contracting/project management/Smart-grid distributing cooperative network  service and installing it at your home, offices, farms any while smart cities are playing a big catch up even in Airport public parks, taxi ranks or parks stations / bus & port terminals in big cities, communities centers, malls packing, public space along street parking/ open space parking with best value, high product quality standard into labor Installation cost, materials supplying and team mobilization traveling to the installation location or working-site with consumption of renewable energy through smart management of batteries at  homes,real estate, apartment buildings,offices apartment,for good management of energy-storage assisted in effectively basically on advanced analytical data why optimizing demand in supplying energy that alleviate energy demand on the grid for innovation technology we plan for a 10,000 battery virtual power plant back-up system for emergency power shutdown on alternative basic for stayed electricity



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